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[Ori] 2 Pack T-Max UV Full Coverage Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy S10

RM 129.00

P/S : We Provide Installation too! Bring yr Phone Over and Get it Done @ RM89 (COD SET)
Appointment Basis @ McD Bandar Sri Damansara
Contact : 0162492999 (Sakurazz)

T-Max Full Edge-to-Edge Adhesive Case Friendly Tempered Glass is a breakthrough technology full adhesive tempered glass. It acquires a portable UV machine to install. Full Adhesive Glue, eliminating the problems of screen sensitivity, rainbow effect, screen dot matrix and etc. Not mentioning it's case friendly design, will be able to fit in most of the cases on market including UAG, Spigen, Ringke etc. Introducing the T-Max at a much more affordable economical price, do also look at our specially custom video with the installation guide, sensitivity video and removal test!

Features :-
- Updates from Supplier : Compatible with Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner!
- Updates from Supplier : Case Friendly!
- Liquid UV Adhesive covering 100% Tempered Glass Coverage
- Perfect touch sensitivity with full adhesion
- Crystal clear without any color boarder
- Special UV Glue Technology that enables to heal minor scratches on original screen
- Zero Colored Edge, Zero Touch Errors, Zero Lifting

P/S : Been selling this tempered glass for quite awhile for Note 9, Note 8, S9 , S9 Plus, S8 & S8 Plus. What can I conclude that this tempered glass has a very smooth oleophobic coating, and the adhesive is as strong as WhiteStone. Guaranteed superb after installation, not those cheap loca glue type which easily push off even though fully dried. An additional point to voice out that T-Max been so far having the best curved glass manufactured without having extra un-necessary mis-curved edge which lead to the tempered glass not flat.

Options Available :-
- COD Set / Recurring Set @ RM89 (a.k.a COD Price)
- Full Set @ RM129 (Full Installation Kit Available)

Opt for COD Set if installation is needed (done by sakurazz). Tools everything will be provided from head to toe.
Opt for Postage Set if you're outstation, tools and guides from A-Z will be provided.

Enjoy Sakurazz's 10-Step Experienced Installation On the Spot :
1. Cleaning the Phone with Mild Alcohol Pad.
2. Wipe with Microfiber Cloth (New Cloth).
3. Cello Tape Taping All the Ports Preventing Overflow.
4. Dust Removal with Flashlight.
5. Cello Tape Again to check if there's Extra Dust.
6. Application of Protector.
7. Special Brushing Technology by Sakurazz around the Edges.
8. UV-Curing with UV-Lamp. (Provided)
9. Removal of Cello Taping on Ports.
10. 95% Concentrated Alcohol in Cleaning the Phone after Completion.

COD Set / Recurring Set Includes :-
- Tempered Glass x1
- Glue Adhesive x1

Full Set Includes :
- Tempered Glass x2
- UV Machinery Cure Lamp x1
- Glue Adhesive x2
- Installation Tray
- Pin x1
- Standard Installation Tool Kit x1

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